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Updated for June 2020

Adult Friend Finder Review

For those looking for options to spice up their lives but are stuck in the never-ending ocean of online dating apps and websites, which are loaded with sexy users, there is an Adult Friend Finder. It is like a social networking website where adults can discover individuals who are interested in the same things as they are.


Adult FriendFinder is one of the leading sex dating sites in the US and was introduced for the first time in 1996 by its creator, Andrew Conru.

In this Adult Friend Finder Review, you can read and learn more about the website as an experience.


When we started out with this AdultFriendFinder review, we could not find accurate stats. Then again, roughly, AdultFriendFinder welcomes millions of visitors, each month from all across the world. Over half of whom come from the US itself. Apart from the traffic from the US, individuals from other countries like the United Kingdom and Canada also frequent the website, proving its worldwide reach.


According to whatever stats we could put our hands upon, the website is a huge miss when it comes to gender ratio because the number of men is substantially higher as compared to that of women. Therefore, the website is a treat for straight women and gay men. However, if you are a gay woman, you might have to face tough competition even if you land a lady.

Functionality & Features

While other hookup sites try to figure out your personality by running you over with a host of questions, Adult Friend Finder is a relaxed platform that doesn't judge you. All you need to do is:

  • fill in the e-mail address,
  • username,
  • password,
  • couple of lines in the introduction about yourself.

Once you are registered with the website, you can personalize your account by filling in more information about yourself. You can also take a personality test offered by the website, which will show the world how new into sex you are or you are a pro. This test is known as the "purity test" and is a delight.

Even if you begin the quest by using the free version of the website, the site will not disappoint you with the amount of nudity you will come across. However, the videos which are blurred as “naughty content” will only be visible to you if you sign up for Gold Membership.

The AdultFriendFinder review would be incomplete without the mention of some special features of the app.

Registration and creating a profile
Using the search tool
Seeing all profiles and images
Live sex webcams
Blogs, Magazine & Erotic Stories
Sex Academy
XXX videos & movies
Gifts & Tips

Safety And Security

Well, when it comes to the website which can entice you into sharing your intimate photographs, it should assure you about the safety concerns. For this, the Adult Friend Finder uses the good-old, and reliable e-mail verification system. It requires you, as the user, to verify that they use the e-mail address that they are using to sign-up belongs to you. This step makes it easier for the moderators to track down the individual who is following malicious means to exploit the users here.

The offenders, who are tracked down through their IP addresses and are found guilty, are banned from the website forever. So, this is one feature that will assure you that no one can purposefully use your information on the website to defame you in public.

adult friend findadult friend find

Mobile Version

Alike all leading websites today, AdultFriendFinder has a dedicated app that allows you to make new adult friends online. The app is available on Google Play as well as App Stores so that no matter which phone you are using, you are not deprived of fun. Also, that makes it an un-omissible aspect in Adult Friend Finder review.

With the app, you can browse through the magazines, scroll the users, participate in contests, play games, and communicate with the ones you are interested in. Almost all the features that you find on the website are available on the app so that you can find yourself, someone, to hook up with on the go.

Although there is a dedicated mobile application for Adult Friend Finder, there is another umbrella app developed by the FriendFinder Network called All Friend Finder App. So, you can use this application for logging in into your AFF account from your smartphone.


If you have signed up for a good time on the AdultFriendFinder, you will soon be lured into obtaining the Gold Membership. Well, the longer you would like your membership to last, the lesser you will be required to pay.


Pros and cons

  • A safe and secure website
  • Huge membership base
  • Caters to all sexual desires of individuals
  • Blogs, games, contests, and sex courses
  • Filters does not consider your preferences
  • The courses, the sex cams and other features cost extra
  • More men than women

Final words

In the above AdultFriendFinder review, you will have discovered that, overall, this is an exciting concept for a website that is completely sex-oriented. Here, you can be your genuine self without having to put filters upon your personality so that you can escape judgments. Plus, one can only imagine such a website with so many options to interact with the community.

However, some drawbacks could be the cost you bear for all the fun and the fact that if you are looking for straight women or just women on the app, you might have to dig deeper.


Is Adult Friend Finder a legit website?

Yes, it is a fairly legit website, with millions of users registered with it. Although there may be users that can misuse the website, the platform itself is legit and secure if used responsibly.

Does Adult Friend Finder work?

Yes, it is a platform with which you can register and scroll through authentic profiles to advance moves towards the ones you find sexually attractive.

Is Adult Friend Finder real?

Yes. It is a real website with genuine people trying to find sexually compatible hookups.

Is Adult Friend Finder safe?

It uses e-mail verification to sign up the users, which enables the moderators to track down and ban users who try malicious means to harass other users. Every individual has unique credentials that allow them to access the accounts privately. Moreover, the payment gateways they use are highly secure too.

Is Adult Friend Finder worth it?

Yes. Whether you are alone in life or not, but happen to like sex, this is the website for you. It has a plethora of users who share a similar fondness for sex and other fetishes associated with it.

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