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Updated for June 2020

Be Naughty Adult Hookup Site – Review, Pros, And Cons

The Internet is filled with applications and websites that allow you to look for your significant other, whether it is just a fling or a serious relationship. Be Naughty is a dating site that provides its users, mainly adult singles, a platform to connect, chat, and have a romantic relationship with people of similar intentions. This site can be accessed with almost any web browser. However, every BeNaughty review is contradictory from user to user. Therefore, we stretched out a brief review of the site, so you can decide if it’s a perfect option for you.

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Who Can You Find There?

As BeNaughty is a hookup platform for adults, every member of this site wants the same thing: get a fuck buddy . One of the advantages of this site is that it does not require you to have certain limitations; you can look for whoever you want and whenever you want.

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Once your account is made, and you are visible to the world of adult dating, you’ll automatically be shown the members that match your preferred gender and age. With your location enabled, you can hook up with people who do not live far from you. With genuine profiles, there is less trouble with privacy breaching.

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How Does It Work? – Features

Just like any other website, you’d first have to register yourself on this site by creating an account. Fortunately, creating an account on Be Naughty is pretty easy, and it won’t take much of your time. You will just have to put in some basic info like age, gender, email, and your preferences and interests.

To enjoy the site to the fullest, you’ll have to buy a paid subscription. Otherwise, you can just look through members, but you won’t be able to send a message. There will be some drawbacks you’ll have to face in the free version of the site, but the paid version provides a far richer experience.

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Premium support
Share photos and videos in chat

Safety And Security

In each of the BeNaughty reviews, one question is common: Is this a safe site? Apparently, many single adults are worried about their safety. Well, they shouldn’t be. After brief research and collective experience, BeNaughty cares about the safety of its users and controls any suspicious activity. The majority of the profiles are real and are safe to connect with. The system makes sure that inappropriateness remains out of the option.

If we talk about the payment system, the website has not been reported to steal or mess with any of the customer's payment information. However, you might encounter some suspicious inbox activity and unrealistic approaches – but this problem does not occur if you have a registered paid membership.


Mobile Version

Be Naughty has introduced their mobile application after they launched the web service, which added a bit of positivity in Be Naughty review ratings. Although a mobile application of Be Naughty was a surprise for its audience, it did not prove to be a pleasant upgrade.

So far, the Be Naughty mobile application is only available for Android users; they didn’t launch the application to be downloaded from AppStore. This was initially a major disappointment for the iPhone users.

Furthermore, the application came with functional limitations. There were only specific commands that the user could access from mobile applications, unlike the browser site that provided single people the full usable version of the site.


Great services do not come for free. Although BeNaughty adult dating site does not create any certain limits in a paid subscription, as each of the BeNaughty reviews will tell you: there are limited features you can access without a paid subscription of the site. For instance, you can only go through members' profiles, create favorites, wink at people, or open chat with them, though all these features are freely accessible for female members.

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All females of Be Naughty have a free membership with basic access. They can reply to members' and send messages to all male members. But to unlock more options and gain the ability to message with female members they need to get Full Membership.

Be Naughty allows you to have a free trial for three days, that comes in handy.

Pros And Cons

  • A modern generation site
  • Safe to use for hookups
  • A considerable male to female ratio
  • Easy signing up
  • The location feature is pretty convenient
  • Easy layout
  • Empty profiles or with very little information
  • Photo-less profiles create misunderstandings
  • Subscription is too expensive
  • Features are limited
  • The mobile application does not work efficiently

Final Words

There are some things that make one wonder about the legitimation of the site. For instance, inbox errors, or empty profiles. However, there is a thing that no Be Naughty review will tell you: these problems do not occur in paid accounts. That brings the problem of unaffordability because the subscription is way too high than it should be for an adult dating site. The pricing of the site mostly contains negative reviews.

However, if you’re having a hard time finding romance in your area, then Be Naughty can be the silver lining. Apart from its cons, it can fulfill its purpose of allowing two people on the same platform to have a great time. Its location feature has proved to be a great help for people and connected them in ways they never imagined, it means paying a good sum finally works out at some point. Undoubtedly, it has worked as a great floor for people to spend their leisure time.


Is Be Naughty a legit site?

Yes, it is. No doubt, it comes with some flaws like suspicious inbox activity and hollow profiles. But if you’re committed, then it will get better. People have actually reviewed that they’ve found someone through this site, so it shows that it’s legit.

Is Be safe?

The site only requires your basic information to reveal to the audience like your gender and age. You have a choice to make your photo public. Other than that, your email address and payment information remains encrypted and is not used for any unreasonable purposes.

Does Be Naughty really work?

Evidently, it does. Though you have to pay a hefty amount for its work, along with a long-lasting commitment. Not to mention, you also have to devote a long period of your time. But in the end, it can set you up for a nice date.

Is BeNaughty worth it?

It depends on what you are looking for, and to what extent you are willing to go. It is no surprise that you have to go through some requirements and payments for it to actually work. But if you are happy in putting in effort and money to get a real date, then it is worth it.

How to cancel my BeNaughty subscription?

In order to delete a subscription, you’ll have to delete your account. Log in to your profile, click on your picture on the top-right corner, then go to My Settings > Remove My Account. Type your password, then scroll to the bottom to tap 'Remove My Profile.' Type a reason and confirm the removal. Once you confirm, your account will be removed.

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