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Fling Review: Can It Alter Your Dating Life For Better is a popular dating site, where individuals can find partners for casual hookups or any other sort of relationship they are seeking without any string attached.

Fling Website Main

It was in the year 2006 when Global Personals Media introduced this website to the world. Within a span of a little over a decade, has taken over some of the leading dating apps and websites. Today, it receives enormous traffic of users coming from all walks of life and all parts of the planet. Then again, it is Russia, the United States, and Australia, which contributes to most of its user base.

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The Fling dating site is a hit among adults who are looking for casual relationships. So, if you ignore the fact that you can find only three women for seven men here, you stand as good a chance as others to land someone who might be interested in hooking up with you. On average, the individuals on this site are aged between 30-35 years. There are millions of current members, of whom thousands use the website actively every week.

Fling Members

Don’t be shocked if the first thing you see on the website’s home page is explicit pictures because that is what it is meant for. Users, when putting in their personal info, are given the leverage to add their sexual preferences, kinks, and fetishes as well. This will help you land an individual who is looking for the same things as you are.

Functionality And Features

When it comes to functionality and usability of the website, everything from registering with the website, finding partners, and contacting them is pretty easy on

For registering with the website

With this Fling review, we assure you that registering with the website involves a few basic steps, such as:

  • entering your email address,
  • age,
  • gender,
  • sexual preferences,
  • password,
  • location.

Once the website has your general info, you will be run through an email verification to ensure that you are the one using the address provided. One advice that might come in handy for you is to create a separate email address for dating apps.

The verification on the website doesn’t end at e-mail because there is a personal verification as well, for which you need your webcam. Once the software recognizes you as the person in pictures, your profile will become verified, making your profile look more genuine to others. This will make your page more popular amongst the rest because people will know that they are not talking to a bot. sign sign in

Creating a profile

Like other social networking platforms, you can create a profile here too. All you need to provide is your:

  • sexual preferences,
  • body type,
  • eye color,
  • race,
  • hair color,
  • marital status
  • etc.

There are more text boxes that you can use to describe what brought you to Fling or what is the most interesting part about sex to you. You can always alter the information you provide.

Remember, all users who are using the paid version of the Fling dating site can see your profile pictures.

Contacting other users

Once you have signed up successfully and set up your profile, you can use the comprehensive search options to look up potential hookups on the website. Yes, there is no matching feature that will make the job easier for you. Then again, you have all the liberty on Fling dating sites to choose from among people who are online at the moment, apply filters on your searches, and upgrade to premium membership to contact them.

Fling Search

Creating profiles and finding matches on is made more comfortable with the following features.

Premium content

In this review, you will discover that you can also use this website to make some money by posting content that other users can pay to watch. It can be anything from videos of tease, foreplay or sex.

Registration and creating a profile
Using the search tool
Seeing all profiles and images
Live streaming sessions
Three month guarantee

3-month guarantee

If you feel unsure about paying for your membership, consider the guarantee they offer. Yes, the creators assure you that if you are not able to find a hookup within three months of your paid membership, you will be given an additional three months extension for free. Well, if that is not the confidence you are looking for on a dating website, we don't know what is.

The review clearly reveals that it is a fantastic website with innovative features. Plus, the interface is not laden with extra graphics and action buttons which might look fancy, but do not really serve any purpose. The simplicity and the screen adaptability of the website make the Fling dating site more approachable for more individuals with basic computer knowledge.

Safety And Security

The profiles you create on Fling are well-protected by the administrators as they perform e-mail verification and validate your profile by reconciling your face with the pictures you upload. While having your profile validated is optional, the users who choose for this are rewarded with an instant increase in their popularity.

Apart from verifying users, the site administrators do not shy away from taking strict action against profiles that break the website rules. All attempts related to asking someone about their personal information, confidential credentials, or any other unsolicited data can be reported.

Moreover, the payment gateways are protected so that your credentials are not leaked in the hands of malicious hackers.


The Gold Membership of the website, as we have discovered in the course of this Fling review, can be pretty expensive. Then again, if you are seriously looking for some casual sex, then you will have to pay Fling USD 34.95 a month.

Fling Price

Pros And Cons

  • Several active users
  • User-friendly interface
  • Interactive features for paid users
  • Active customer support
  • Comprehensive navigation
  • There are a lot of fake profiles
  • The interface appears dated and dull
  • Priced on a higher-end

Final Words

As far as our final verdict is concerned, through this Fling review, we have come to the conclusion that it is a fairly decent website if you are looking for some one-night stands or individuals for casual relationships. Even the functionality offered by the website in terms of signing up as a new user, discovering and contacting other individuals, and catching up with them through chats and video calls is well-established on the website. This, of course, is made more amusing with the host of features it offers, such as sex shops, Live Cam Girls, premium content, 'Who's Cute' game, etc.

However, the gender ratio of the users on a Fling, that is, three women for every seven men is quite discouraging along with the fact that most features of the site can only be enjoyed by paid members. Then again, the 3-month guarantee offered by the website assures us about its success rate. Well, even if you do not find a hookup in 3 months, you get another 3 to profit from all its features.

In the end, there are many other alternate dating websites you can try your luck upon if this one doesn’t work for you.


Is Fling legit?

No, even though Fling offers the option to get profiled validated, it is not obligatory. So most profiles here are not valid. This gives rise to the possibility that the website is full of fake profiles to rob you of your money.

Does Fling work?

Yes. The website does work for some people in finding their preferred casual relationships if they are paid users. The success rate for unpaid members is significantly low.

Is Fling com real?

Yes, it is a real website with active users and traffic from different parts of the world. Then again, it is up to you to decide whether this website is worth your time or money or not.

Is safe?

As long as you stick to the protocols of not revealing your private and confidential information to strangers, the site is safe. Even if you do reveal any sensitive information such as credit card credentials, you can report it to the administrators immediately to seek their help.

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